Executive Media Services, inc.

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EMS accurately processes allunion paperwork, including:

  • federal/state income tax withholding
  • social security taxes
  • W2 forms
  • unemployment/disability taxes and claims
  • workman’s compensation forms and claims
  • union pension and welfare, health and retirement

Contract Negotiations

EMS negotiates contracts for everything from a single scale performer to multi-million dollar celebrity contracts involving both union covered and non-covered services.  We have over 40 years of experience in negotiating ways that can save your bottom line especially when it pertains to benefit allocation ratios.  We work to protect you from the potential pitfalls involved in the celebrity negotiation and payment process.

Payroll Services

EMS pays your talent on time and in exact accordance with union regulations.

Signatory Function

EMS serves as union signatory. That means we sign the contracts, so your company isn’t bound by union restrictions.


 As you plan broadcast production, we can provide accurate estimates for talent session fees and residuals.

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