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Residual Tracking, Overscale Guarantees
We ensure that residuals against an overscale/celebrity guarantees are applied properly. We notify our partners when 20% of the guarantee is remaining and also ensure all union P&H payments and reporting are done accurately and timely.

Holding Fee Management
We help our partners with one of the most critical payments of a union commercial. Talent Partners ensures that hold and release decisions are made in a timely fashion while keeping everyone apprised of financial consequences. And we make sure payments are made on time.

Taking care of your business

Storyboard Review 
Before a frame is ever shot, we are there to advise our partners on prospective talent options and financial implications. We also consult and advise on potential clearance challenges. All based on their storyboard.

Estimating: Session & Residuals
We don’t let our partners produce something they can’t afford to air. Talent Partners can give a full breakdown of estimated session and hypothetical residual associated before production begins. We then provide residual estimates based on final cast and actual media.

Station 12/Taft Hartley
When producing a union commercial, we ensure that talent is cleared for use.

Contract Preparation
​Precise and accurate. We fill out and ensure all talent contracts are prepared with the proper talent and rights information, including session and usage.

Assisting with Final Cast
Proper role identification and classification is paramount in estimating and evaluating costs for residuals. To keep our partners on budget, Talent Partners can help properly identify talent as a principal or extra or other classification.